Friday, 1 June 2012

Top 3

Top 3 songs/artists/albums I can't stop listen to!

   Listening to/reading and talking about music are one of my favorite things to do. I also collect albums of my favorite artists. My dad is a musician and my whole life is filled with music. I can't describe the music that I am listening to with one word or style...but some call it brit-pop or indie. I am not a big fan of labels and I don't like to set myself boundaries, so you can see me dancing on Rihanna and ... Foster the People after that :D If you have read my post "We are hipsters and we know it", you'd say that I'm a half-hipster ... if there is something like this. Like I love to say "Old but still gold...Shit but still hit". If I have to be honest, you can find on my iPod brit ... and shit-pop :D Under "shit-pop" I mean Rihanna, Beyonce and everything that you can hear on MTV. The last few years my music-taste has changed and the first artists that helped me realise which is the music that is worth listening to were - Florence&The Machine, La Roux, Kasabian, Lily Allen and Broken Bells. I will always remember them as my first music-loves!!! Music can change your life as your first true love has - you will always remember it and it will bring you unfortgettable memories.

  TOP 3 favorite artists
1. Kasabian Kasabian Kasabian... and again Kasabian! If someone asks me - "Which is my favorite band", the first thing that comes in my head is Kasabian! With their amazing sound, lyrics and ... stunning Tom Meighan :D I was speechless when I was on their concert last year. I wish you all to be at my place ... Favorite songs - Clubfoot / Where did all the love go / Re-weird

first album - Kasabian 

2. I can honestly say that Florence&The Machine will stay forever in my heart. When I started listening to more indie music, they were one of my first choices. I have heard so many things about them before and what I can say now is that  they are really worth hearing. Their first album "Lungs" is one of the first CD's that I bought. Favorite songs - You've got love (it is actually a cover, but is one of my favorite) / The Dog Days are over / Lover to Lover ... and so many others.

first album - Lungs

3. I will end with the dramatic  Lana Del Rey. You can hear a lot about her - some like her, some hate her. What I can say is that she brings some kind of retro and dramatic feeling which I personally like. Her music is perfect for the moments when you just want to be sad for a while and you don't want someone to tell you "Are you ok?". Favorite songs - What makes us girls / Born to die / Blue Jeans.

 first album - Born to die

TOP 3 favorite songs
1. Arctic Monkeys - R U mine?
2. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
3. Alex Clare - Too Close

TOP 3 favorite albums
1. The Wombats - Modern Glitch
2. Florence and The Machine - Ceremonials
3. The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement

TOP 3 favorite artists of all time
1.  The Beatles (HelterScelter)
2.  Blur (Song2)
3. Oasis (Champagne Supernova)

* TOP 3 favorite shit songs
1.  Nicki Minaj - Starships
2. Rihanna - Where have you been
3. Ne-Yo & Calvin Harris - Let's go

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