Sunday, 24 June 2012

Blue is the color

Yesterday was the hottest day since a while, I think 36 degrees. Although I found what to do and decided to show you my outfit. This amazing blue dress is from H&M and is a present from my parents for my birthday. The shoes are from my hometown and costs just 10 euro!!!  The place is again the backyard that I found near my house. The photographer is one of my closest friends which helps me a lot with the last pictures that you have already seen.

Dress  H&M
Shoes  Unknown
Bag  Stradivarius
Ring  H&M

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Song

Hey, dear Music-lovers!
I want to share with you the new song from one of my favorite bands and ... family-friends on first place. They are called "Ostava". The band is formed in the early 90's and have 4 released albums, they're working on their 5th now ... so be ready! The premiere of the new song and video, called "Edin moment" (One moment), was yesterday in my favorite club - R Adio C Afe. The night continued with DJ-set from the band-members and their favorite songs. They really make the people dance! I am a big fan of their work and hopefully  you will become too. Enjoy!

... one of their previous song that you might like too

... and some Instagram Photos

Saturday, 16 June 2012


There is nothing new going around me so I'm just gonna show you my outfit from today and wish you a great evening with this song... Have fun!

Top  H&M 
Shorts  H&M
Shoes  Unknown
Bag  Chanel

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Simona in Wonderland

Hey, guys! Just want to share with you my outfit from today. These are my two new pieces from H&M - these amazing blouse and skirt. They will be part of my post "Birthday presents" soon :) I found a really good place for shooting behind my building, strange that I haven't used it till now :D

Have a nice evening! xoxo

Blouse  H&M
Skirt  H&M
Shoes  Unknown
Glasses  H&M
Bracelet  Pаpieta

Friday, 1 June 2012

Top 3

Top 3 songs/artists/albums I can't stop listen to!

   Listening to/reading and talking about music are one of my favorite things to do. I also collect albums of my favorite artists. My dad is a musician and my whole life is filled with music. I can't describe the music that I am listening to with one word or style...but some call it brit-pop or indie. I am not a big fan of labels and I don't like to set myself boundaries, so you can see me dancing on Rihanna and ... Foster the People after that :D If you have read my post "We are hipsters and we know it", you'd say that I'm a half-hipster ... if there is something like this. Like I love to say "Old but still gold...Shit but still hit". If I have to be honest, you can find on my iPod brit ... and shit-pop :D Under "shit-pop" I mean Rihanna, Beyonce and everything that you can hear on MTV. The last few years my music-taste has changed and the first artists that helped me realise which is the music that is worth listening to were - Florence&The Machine, La Roux, Kasabian, Lily Allen and Broken Bells. I will always remember them as my first music-loves!!! Music can change your life as your first true love has - you will always remember it and it will bring you unfortgettable memories.

  TOP 3 favorite artists
1. Kasabian Kasabian Kasabian... and again Kasabian! If someone asks me - "Which is my favorite band", the first thing that comes in my head is Kasabian! With their amazing sound, lyrics and ... stunning Tom Meighan :D I was speechless when I was on their concert last year. I wish you all to be at my place ... Favorite songs - Clubfoot / Where did all the love go / Re-weird

first album - Kasabian 

2. I can honestly say that Florence&The Machine will stay forever in my heart. When I started listening to more indie music, they were one of my first choices. I have heard so many things about them before and what I can say now is that  they are really worth hearing. Their first album "Lungs" is one of the first CD's that I bought. Favorite songs - You've got love (it is actually a cover, but is one of my favorite) / The Dog Days are over / Lover to Lover ... and so many others.

first album - Lungs

3. I will end with the dramatic  Lana Del Rey. You can hear a lot about her - some like her, some hate her. What I can say is that she brings some kind of retro and dramatic feeling which I personally like. Her music is perfect for the moments when you just want to be sad for a while and you don't want someone to tell you "Are you ok?". Favorite songs - What makes us girls / Born to die / Blue Jeans.

 first album - Born to die

TOP 3 favorite songs
1. Arctic Monkeys - R U mine?
2. The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
3. Alex Clare - Too Close

TOP 3 favorite albums
1. The Wombats - Modern Glitch
2. Florence and The Machine - Ceremonials
3. The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement

TOP 3 favorite artists of all time
1.  The Beatles (HelterScelter)
2.  Blur (Song2)
3. Oasis (Champagne Supernova)

* TOP 3 favorite shit songs
1.  Nicki Minaj - Starships
2. Rihanna - Where have you been
3. Ne-Yo & Calvin Harris - Let's go